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Redefining convenience with social impact

We want to bring quality products to a segment of consumers, by installing vending machines in which quality bulk products can be purchased, without any plastic packages or fixed formats. Buy how much you need!

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How could we bring closer bulk products in Bio and Fair quality to a customer segment who, for a number of reasons, don't buy in Unverpacktläden? And how, by doing that, could we have a positive impact on the reduction of plastic garbage? A Bulk Vending Machine! Ta-Da!

Expected locations: University Campus, Student Residences, Cooperatives, large complex buildings

We offer you the alternative to get everyday products - food and cleaning products - right at your doorsteps, at any time, at exactly the amount you want or need, while becoming a changemaker as well in the reduction of plastic waste.



Buy what you need at any time


Packaging free

Convenience & Proximity

What you need, just a few steps away

High Quality Products

The products offered are certified from organic sources and fairly produced.

Clear Conscience

Guilty free

Conscious Consumption

Avoid unnecessary impulses and control your consumption

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